Saturday, May 8, 2010

William Rainey Harper finally gets his due

Item 59. Some Ivy League schools, like Harvard and Penn, have a statue of their founder in a prominent location on campus. By day, tour guides tell visitors it's good luck to kiss or sit on the statue; by night, students pee on it. I just know the University of Chicago can one-up those Ivy Leaguers. Turn a urinal somewhere on campus into the William Rainey Harper Monument and Urinal. [18 points]

So far Snell-Hitchcock and GASH have presented me with William Rainey Harper Monuments and Urinals. Although their interpretations are different, both achieved the perfect mixture of reverence and desecration I was hoping for.

Snell-Hitchcock's Monument and Urinal, constructed on the second floor of the Reynolds Club, is basically a kick-ass shrine. Sorry this picture is so blurry, but hopefully you can make out the dignified portrait of WRH inside the urinal, the flowers arranged within the stall, and perhaps most importantly, the professional-quality bust of WRH that a Snitchcock team member sculpted by hand!

Meanwhile, GASH's Monument and Urinal, which as far as I know can still be found in the men's room in the basement of Crerar, is more focused on the urinal itself. Note the excellent likeness of WRH drawn by GASH team member Amber and the quote from the Lord of the Rings praising WRH's splendor (which he was known for).

Great job to both Snitchcock and GASH. Everyone else, I'm still waiting.

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