Friday, May 7, 2010

Things We Saw Today

#1: Max Palevsky got a NAFA member to bring a Gold Eagle to campus, and both the eagle and the Troy Moritz (the trainer/owner) were really cool! I learned a lot about how people capture and care for eagles, falcons, and hawks. Also, I learned that the DASTARDLY Great Lakes Falconers Association are NOT members of NAFA, because they are too libertarian and do not want the Dept. of the Interior all up in their business as it relates to falcons! hilarious! Luckily, Mr. Moritz is a member of the Illinois Falconers' Association, the ARCHENEMY of the GLFA! See, now you too have learned about the intense political rivalries in the cut throat world of diurnal raptors!

#2. Next it was time for the Handwalk Across the Midway! this was also really cool - I for one wasn't really expecting anyone to know what they were doing, but they did. There's nothing quite like seeing a group of people racing across the Midway, just like a normal foot race, but upside down.

#3. Disney Princess Pageant! I am currently watching this event as we speak. Very nice Disney Princess costumes and talents. Max P's telling of a Snow White and the Seven Dwarves varient of the Aristocrats was particularly disturbing. Snitchcock's singing + Rubik's cube also I think probably will have a permanent place in the heart of every nerd watching (everyone).

Q&A going on now. Who knows how the 4th event, Caber Toss, will go?

"I have a lot of problems when Potbelly's toasts my sandwiches. They look at you funny." --Team Laney during the Q&A. They are the little team that could! Unless - Team T-Rex Stole My Name makes a strong comeback?

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