Thursday, May 6, 2010


scav ON!

The list is out, the items are read, the teams are starting to get to work! I hope that all of your chosen captains enjoyed playing in our Childhood Dream Room of balloons and chaos. It was totally worth the week and five days we spent blowing them up (the balloons) (but also the captains).

A photo of the unimaginable rediculosity that happened in the Ida Visitors' Center, (courtesy of Judge Margaret):

Luckily, all tokens were (eventually) found and exchanged for lists, all balloon corpses cleaned up by the selfless Team Judge (giving it an early advantage to win the whole Hunt). As I recall, the first two token-finders were South Campus followed quickly by The beeJAY team. Well done. It's just going to get better and better from here. Like, you have no idea.

Now - You have four absurd days ahead of you, and plenty of work to do. At the very least, you have [REDACTED] to be [REDACTED]ing. We're waiting!

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