Thursday, May 6, 2010

Road trip sets out (HOT PICS INCLUDED)

Captains and judges assembled outside the Reynolds Club this morning to bid farewell to the road trip teams, each composed of Vincent Price, Michael "Thriller" Jackson, Skeletor, and the Accidental Mummy.
Max P's road trip team (L to R): Thriller J, Vincent Price, Accidental Mummy, and Skeletor.

GASH's road trip team (L to R): Skeletor, Accidental Mummy, Thriller J, and Vincent Price.

Also out and about were some well-dressed captains:

The Breckinridge captains, dressed as Captain EO.

The BJ captains, dressed as Captain Crunch.

All in all, some great costume work took place between midnight and 8am.

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