Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Post-Scav wrap-up and Page 4

First of all, I had an amazing time at this year's Hunt and I want to thank every judge, Scavvie, falconer, and foam monster who made it possible, and especially HJ Emily and the team captains, without whose leadership none of this would have happened. Second of all, I thought I'd post the results here because no one else has yet:
1. Snell my Hitchcock
2. BJackstone and Max P (tie)
4. MacPierce
5. Scampy
6. Breckinridge
7. The Blintstones
10. Team Lanie
and finally, with 0 points,
11. A T-Rex Ate My Team

Also, some highlights from page 4 of this year's list, which I judged:
  • 57. A colossally abundant number of chocolate chip cookies, served by an untouchable number of people with a deficient number of limbs. [An almost perfect odd number of points.] This item had a trick to it; colossally abundant, untouchable, deficient, and almost perfect are all types of numbers in mathematics or whatever. As the majority of teams figured out, you could complete this item by having 2 people with a normal number of limbs serve me 2 cookies. The FIST, however, either didn't notice the odd wording or neglected to Google it (perhaps their dank subterranean HQ lacks internet?) and served me over 130 cookies. Truly a colossally abundant number by any definition...except the actual one; there are no colossally abundant numbers between 120 and 360. I gave them the point anyway, since technically if you give someone 130 cookies you are also giving them 2 cookies.
  • 59. [...] Turn a urinal somewhere on campus into the William Rainey Harper Monument and Urinal. [18 points] I wrote about two of the best monument/urinals earlier, and a couple other teams also completed the item respectably. Scampy, on the other hand, built me a human-size robot statue that pees when you pour water into its mouth.
  • 64. Zeno's Pair-o'-Dicks. Wigner's Friend with Benefits. Buridan's Ass. Create your own porn adaptation of a famous thought experiment or philosophical problem and show us the opening scenes. [11 points] This was one of the items I was most excited to see, and I was a little disappointed by the lack of variety: 4 teams came up with variations on "Schrödinger's Pussy," 2 teams used Einstein's twins paradox, and 1 team used "the Kuntian Revolution." My favorite of the ones I saw was Scampy's special relativity video, which was both pornographic and educational!
  • 65. I can't understand all your highfalutin' talk! Overset a two-leaf spread in the latest outgiven of Cosmopolitan into Anglish for me. [8 points] First of all, congratulations to Snell-Hitchcock, the only team to receive full points for this item. Their translation of a two-page article on things to do with your breasts was flawless. Several other teams gave me translations with a lot of mistakes and received partial credit. And then there was Max P, who apparently did not take the time to look Anglish up on Wikipedia:
me: Do you guys have item 65, the Cosmo article?
Page captain: Oh, you mean the one translated into hick?
me: Huh?
Page captain: The one translated into hick. [affects hillbilly accent] You know, where they talk lahk this?

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