Saturday, May 8, 2010

party like it's 1348

The jams were rocking, the Seeds of Corruption gloriously infectious, the diseases were horrid, the Chapel was officially sweet as all get out. As far as I am concerned, the purpose of a Friday night event at scav is to let every scavvie just go crazy - forget about the competition for a little while, dance their pants (or, in the case of the Leprosy team, their limbs) off, hang out with each other, and generally have a blast.

Scavvies: Thank you so much. You did such a fantastic job of making this event work so well. The energy level was amazing. The crowd was huge. The costumes and attitudes were exactly right.

On a more wonderous personal note: I did not expect to have 3 childhood dreams fulfilled in 3 days. But it happened! First it was the balloon room, then it was the Elephant Polo, today it was crowd surfing! GUYS. I have never been crowd surfed! Have you? It was great! The density of people made it so good that I didn't even spend the whole time terrified of permanent spinal injury. Many of the judges got to crowd surface before the Man got us down (actually though seriously ORCSA did a great job helping us make this party so awesome), including The Turk:

Look at that, guys. look at the complete and utter joy in his face. Sometimes I think people forget this, but for the Judges, scav is basically four days of us getting to do awesome wonderful things, but without you guys actually doing them, it would just be four days of us playing Mega Man and drinking heavily. All the credit for this party goes to you guys.

What made the party even crazier was that as it was beginning, the other half of the Chapel was filled with people waiting on line to get books signed by Jane Goodall. Isn't that weird? They had no idea why these diseased people were filing into the Chapel and dancing. they thought this was a place of leraning.

Here, here she is:

;Also - and this is important - Judge Paul Davis got to make out with Jane Goodall. Yes! THE Jane Goodall! He waited on line for a long long time, and got up to the front, and asked THE ACTUALLY JANE GOODALL to kiss him, and boy did she kiss him. It was crazy. It was, actually, pretty unholy, given the context of the Chapel.


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