Monday, May 24, 2010

Mixology 20XX

And just in case our sole remaining reader wants to try the eight-shot Mega Man 10 theme cocktail challenge (pound one for each Robot Master you beat in the final Wily Castle, when you have to fight them all in succession!), here are the recipes, because we're huge nerds! Some of these are actually really tasty.

Thunder Wool (Sheep Man's weapon): Intended recipe--blood orange soda and Absolut citron, topped with a spun sugar cloud. Actual "make do with the ingredients we have" recipe--grapefruit soda, limeade, and Absolut citron, with a dash of sugar poured in right before you drink.
Water Shield (Pump Man's weapon): 1 pt. watermelon liqueur, 2 pt. blueberry juice, 1 pt. 7-Up.
Solar Blaze (Solar Man's weapon): we had wanted a flaming shot for this, but as Jonathan pointed out, the likelihood that we were going to get mixtures of 40-proof spirits to hold a flame was dubious at best. In the end we mixed 1 pt. sambuca and 1 pt. Kahlua with like four parts 100-proof gin to try to get it aflame, but still no dice. To this vile mixture we squirted in Louisiana hot sauce, because it had to burn somehow! Then we poured in some Bailey's, because at that point, why not? I somehow got the shot that had all the spent matches that we tossed into the mix in our fruitless efforts to light it on fire. Not recommended--make an actual flaming shot when you take on Solar Man.
Chill Spike (Chill Man's weapon): fresh crushed mint, watered-down gin, and sugar, served on the rocks, of course.
Wheel Cutter (Nitro Man's weapon): another casualty of available ingredients, this was to be heavily based on Pop Rox, but alas, all we could find were Sour Warheads. Ended up being blue curaƧao and tonic water with a Warhead tossed in.
Commando Bomb (Commando Man's weapon): a shot of tequila, liberally doused with lime juice and Tabasco sauce, put in a rock-salt-rimmed glass with the rest filled up with aloe pulp. Toss the squeezed lime slice in.
Triple Blade (Blade Man's weapon): sour apple schnapps, vodka, and seltzer. It was originally going to be three shots together, but by the time we actually beat Blade Man we were all getting kind of whacked-out and needed to tone it down just a tad.
Rebound Striker (Strike Man's weapon): in the game, the Rebound Striker is a pink, transparent rubbery ball that bounces off walls. Jell-O shots!

Of these, I highly recommend Water Shield and Thunder Wool if you want a sweet, refreshing cocktail. The only other major mixological success story I would note is the Commando Bomb. The mixture of aloe and Tabasco is a very interesting flavor, but it's a good drink, and one that I think accurately embodies the explosive nature and desert theme of Commando Man.


  1. Ignorant of this post or the associated backstory (aside from Judge J-Dubs giving it a passing mention), I downloaded Megaman 10 just the other day. In a sweeping confluence of good fortune, I am also moving in a month, and have an entire cabinet of liquor that needs to be emptied.

    Thanks, Team Judge! You've just given me a plan for this Saturday.

  2. Hey I'm still reading to! (And I'm interested to see the pop-up book item)