Thursday, May 6, 2010


Item 224: It is said that only love could pick a nested pair of steel Bramah locks. Without love, a full two days

of work were necessary. This means that you’ll have more than enough time to safely pick any of the

locks located in plain sight in front of the Reg, beginning at 4 pm on Thursday. [12 points per opened

lock, belonging to another team, presented at Judgment]

Today at 4PM the Great Lock Picking Contest of 2010 was off and away! 9 locks from different teams plus 4 locks from team Judge were secured outside of the Regenstein. A dozen Scavengers from different teams rushed forward to crack the locks. Many (including myself) thought that it couldn't be done, and that most of the locks would remain outside the Reg until Judgement Day. I am thrilled to say that within one hour almost all of the locks had been removed except for 3 (one of the remaining locks being the one used to secure the rest of the locks to the bike rack).

Thanks to everyone who participated, and congratulations to all who returned home victoriously bearing a trophy. The speed and enthusiasm with which this item was approached and accomplished was very impressive to see.

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