Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Judge: The Awakening

In previous years the Cabal has sometimes penned an informal log of their impressions from and reflections on the four days of the Hunt.

Besides indulging our rampant narcissism and egocentric view of the universe, it also allows other judges and team members to read about or see pictures of completed items, to establish some record of the madness that transpires, and generally to increase everybody's excitement level.

Since I can't tell you yet about this year's hunt, maybe you'll permit me a story. One of the reasons I love Scavhunt is that it recalibrates the campus-wide notion of 'normalcy' for a few days each year. Back in 2006, I was striding through the Admin building in my captains' costume, on my way to see the President of the University. After asking him to sing "We Are the World" and "Old Paint", I was going to present him with a plaque for movie roles he had never played, and then we would go downstairs so that I could take a snowball bullet for him.

This was a series of actions within the President's definition of reasonable.

To top it off, as we came down from his office to the ground floor, we ran into a prospective student tour. Without missing a beat, the guide explained, "There's the President of University... and there's Quailman!"


  1. Okay, no lie, that is about the awesomest photo I've ever seen. If Invader Zim didn't suck so badly at everything forever, I'd love to get to do something like that myself.

  2. Is there an official recommendation for social media tags this year? #scavhunt2010 or #scav10 or #zucchinirobots or something? Best to get that sorted in advance...

  3. Man, I don't know what the kids these days with their Facetweets and iBerries are doing! I ain't gots much authority, but I'll suggest #scav2010