Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm at the PIZZA HUT! I'm at the TACO BELL!


First off:

OK - now that you have the context:

Despite guesses related to the content or form of the song in question, or guesses related to the consumption of large amounts of low quality fast food, the Pizza Hut / Taco Bell item - long a favorite of mine, and a particular moment I've been looking forward to for months - had nothing to do with any of this.

The stark disparity between the form of the item and the content of the event was twofold: 85% of the reason was because I liked the song and wanted it on the list in some way and this was what I thought of. 15% was because I thought the event transpiring would benefit from participants having absolutely no advance preparation, and this gave zero clues and actually made people think of totally different possible events.

The event itself was basically a traditional economics game, played with Scav Points. It was a variant of the Ultimatum Game, which Mr. Wikipedia can tell you about better than I can. The difference was that in this case, a player who rejected the offer of another player would then be given a new, slightly lowered, amount of points with which to make a new offer. The plan was, we'd have one set of people in the Pizza Hut and one in the Taco Bell. Then the plan was: tacos.

That was the plan, and it was generally how things went, though there were a few little snags - one, the Pizza Hut closed an hour earlier than we expected, having changed the time of the event at the last minute already, we were forced to do so again. Luckily nearly all the teams were still able to make it, even scrappy old Team Laney.

OH and also, the taco bell turned out to be a drive through. as in, there was no room inside to do this. So the Taco Bell half - the half I was in - was held outside, near a sketchy overpass, with all sorts of sketchy people walking by, at 78th and Stony Island, and it's at like 10:30 at night, and whenever people want to know what's going on, there's no better answer that you can give than " there's this....scavenger hunt?" Also, it was real cold.

not everyone made it into the picture.

ANYWAY, the point is, I think the scavvies involved, particularly on the Taco Bell side, got a much weirder event than you were probably expecting, but hopefully you all had a crazy adventure.

A few notes on the results -
9 teams showed up for the event, and all got about the same number of points. The lowest any team got was 40, the highest 56. So not that huge a spread. Of the 9 initial offers, 7 were accepted right off, and the other two were accepted on the second round. Only one team initially offered their co-players more points than they kept for themselves; only one team offered fewer than 20 points to their co-player.

all interesting results and I thank those of you who came out to the event.

now get that song out of your heads.

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