Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hunt - A Reflection

I don't really know about you folks, but at least for me
Thursday brings grand excitement. Current Head Judge
Emily Watkins has finished all our animal sacrifices.
Many creatures were harmed in the making of this hunt.

Cloudy skies seep across the heavens. Gloom pervades.
Let us hope Weathorr does not destroy us, just as noble
Ulysses S. Grant destroyed an errant south. Carpetbaggers.
Even with this luck, other dangers may yet befall you; the dread
Scylla and foul Charybdis approach. Rise to choose.

Advance, ye Captains of Men and Myn, and claim victory.
Real champions are easily separated from the poseurs.
Eat? Sleep? Gather up your wits and your duct tape.

Now is the time to thrust your banner high into the stars.
Orion's belt and the horns of Taurus guide your blows.
This is the time to strike, and strike you must; else perish.

One more chance to make your claim on the world.
Nowhere left to turn. The strength must be found in you.

Heroes, I say unto you, the hour of Judgment comes!
Every glorious triumph. Every crushing defeat.
Reckoned will they be, and coldly, on the day of the Sun.
Excitement grand, indeed. Steel yourselves for battle.

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