Saturday, May 8, 2010

HSH MM10 Update #4

C-Bass used C-Bomb to kill Blade Man, which was pretty easy, despite the fact that Blade Man not only uses blades to attack you, but is in fact a giant blade himself. WOOT FOR C-BASS!

Now that we've started to collect the powerful weapons from each robot master, the game is getting easier. Chris - who quite frankly was itching to take on Blade Man himself, and was the first to get to Blade Man - was able to take on Strike Man pretty easily. He was highly susceptible to the blades that Blade Man gave us. Strike Man is a giant baseball who throws baseballs at you.

And then in basically no time - while I was writing this post, in fact - Christian beat chill man! It was also very easy, as expected, you could use Solar Man's weapon to get him pretty fast.

Now Christian made it to Nitro Man - the last one! for the first time. Wish him luck!

update: That was quick: Nitro man is no more. Wily's Castle, here we come! We are going shopping for energy tanks etc now.

this photo is almost identical to the last one but whatever

more update: Oh shit! Mega Man has roboenza! And the medicine making robot is gone! Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!! WILY!!! I KNEW YOU WERE BEHIND THIS!

more update again:
Apparently Wiley's Castle has a feature where these pinkish squares that get possessed, essentially, with the ghosts of old enemies from Mega Men 1 - 9. So you have to figure out which current weapon would work best against this former enemy. It's wacky! A sample planning conversation: "that's tornado man...from mega man 9. You used the plug ball to kill him, 'cause he floats we should use....T Wool? Or R-Striker again?" --Chris and Christian

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