Saturday, May 8, 2010

HSH MM10 Update #3

C-Kam has gotten his sweet revenge on Pump Man, followed in short order by Wild Card Davis defeating Commando Man. sweet times! That's 4 robot masters down and only 4 to go. But with each victory, Mega Man grows more and more powerful! we can surely beat this by the end of the Hunt. And then we will get full points and win scav once more.

not so powerful are you now, huh bitches? WHAT NOW? that giant gun in your stomach doesn't seem to special now, HUH?

Overheard whilst playing Mega Man:
Tricky: "I think that's a legitimate use of a strategy guide - to find out who is weak against what."
C-Bass: "A legitimate use of a strategy guide is to WIPE MY ASS."

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