Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hams after Hams After Midnight

At 4:25: Breckenridge-

and at 4:39: South Campus-

At 4:51: Burton-Judson (BJ not pictured; HJE pictured with BJ Ham):

At 5:03: Max Palevsky-

At 5:08: MacPierce-

At 5:14: Snell Hitchcock-

5:23: Broadview/Flint-

All COMPLETELY DELICIOUS. South Campus, it should be noted, sang us the appropriate song (not required), Snell-Hitchcock an original song (with the appropriate tune), and BJ, it should be noted, insisted that their glaze be put directly into Judge Jonathan's mouth. Also, the jar of glaze said, "For delicious ham, bake ham for 20 minutes. They add glaze." Which strikes me as good, if simple, advice.

Also, I keep trying to finish this damn blog post and each time another team shows up with more ham. This in some ways annoys me but mostly it just means TONS OF HAM. So that's cool.

"I could eat this ham until I'm dead. It is beautiful." --
H. J. Emily

Now by my reckoning, which I guess has become quasi-official, there are 8 minutes left till sunrise. Will there be any more hams? WHO KNOWS?

At this point, CDA is filling up with ham at an unreasonable rate. We have I think started putting hams in the bathtub. Hams are blocking the hallways. A visitor from another dimension might assume that the Hams were running a Scav Hunt and demanding a Judge After Midnight, so venerating are we of the delicious porky meats.

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