Thursday, May 6, 2010

Elephant Polo!

Another day of Scav, another childhood dream realized before my own disbelieving, entranced eyes. It was Human Elephant Polo!

Judge Jonathan oversaw a complex game of weightlifting, mallet swingin', and goal achieving. Mazel tov to GASH and South Campus, who each scored two goals, and Max P, who scored one. But as far as I can tell, everyone was really a winner, in the sense of "didn't win anything but got to carry a person or be carried by four people, swinging a long stick at Judge Ball." And as far as I am concerned, that makes us all winners.

The GASH team was basically made up of human elephant polo professionals. I think they may go to the national championships this year.

So that was awesome on its own, of course. But then as the game ended and the scavvies prepared to return to HQs, we judges, jealous of their fun during the Match, meekly asked if we could perhaps take a turn on their Elephant Polo equipment. And because Scavvies are the best, they quickly agreed.

Judge Paul "Wild Card" Davis atop his noble elephant

It was a blast, and I think it was one of those great situations where scavvies do things that won't benefit them in any way, and cost them a certain amount of time and a little effort, but they just do it anyway because they are awesome and they want everyone to have fun and they want to share the fun they are having with others.

I love scav hunt! and there are like 3 days left to go!

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