Thursday, May 6, 2010

Art Imitates Life

Immediately the blending of our select portions of Item 44: "Hello Kitty striptease? Möbius dildo? Taking a cue from innumerable Judge applications past, this year we're just going to put all the previous lists in a blender and see what comes out", my eyes were blinded by the blending of the following construction, randomly pulled from two separate bags by South Campus:

"I know much you like clowns, so I built you this sexual device. Now
you can laugh yourself to orgasm!"

Why, you ask? Because this item, verbatim (well, with vibrator instead of sexual device), WAS ON MY JUDGE APPLICATION.

I am either shamed or humbled by the cosmic force that is Scav Hunt. Being that this is the Year of the Go Find It, and I have found Scav's cosmic forces at work, I will assume reverence for the latter.

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