Wednesday, May 5, 2010

8.25 hours to go

GUYS. This is going to be the most absurdly wonderful scav ever. Every single one of your childhood dreams (and a good deal of your childhood nightmares) is going to be fulfilled in the coming fourdays. Are you fully prepared? Are you as ready as you can be for the MADNESS that we judges are preparing to hurl at you? Think long and hard - is there anything left to plan? To scavenge? To organize? If you are content, then you should merely spend the next 8 hours rocking back and forth, slowly, repeating to yourself "it is almost time! it is almost time!" only then shall your spirit be ready for the insanity that is to follow.

this "scavenging hunt" will fill you: with terror; with joy; with adrenaline; and in the case of at least one of you, with 400 pounds of smoked hedgehog meat.

you cannot escape; the hunt is coming. you will need these last precious hours of relative calm more than you know.

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