Monday, May 10, 2010

10 Lessons Learned From Scav 2010

1. Being a judge is WAY more fun than being a captain. Seriously, people. WAY more fun.

2. If you have dreams that you're too lazy to fulfill, put them on your list; Scavvies will do the work for you! 5 different teams showed me Strads (the same violin twice, the same cello twice, and another cello), and I got to play one of them, fulfilling a serious lifetime desire. Thanks to BJ, GASH, Snell-Hitchcock, Max and MacPierce for makin' my dreams come true.

3. As stated earlier by Cynthia, Mama Shaq. Mama Shaq. Shaq's your mom: that's a fact!

4. If you ask for ham, you'd better ask for bread, mustard, lettuce, and mayo.

5. The amused, self-important feeling I got after thinking I successfully faked an item as a Scavvie is surpassed significantly by the glory of scrawling a goatee on someone's face.

6. If you're an RA and a judge, make sure not to judge your house's team's page at the same time as a judge who has lots of pube- and genitalia-related items. 'Nuff said.

7. After seeing more dicks than necessary, a few observations: 1) it's really hard (ha!) to get a boner in the same room where you had Sosc, and 2) HJ Emily Watkins has the biggest cock on campus.

8. Nobody likes 8.

9. Never give away any of your items to other judges. You'll miss them, and your heart will be full of broken dreams (... and candy!)

10. Call. Your. Mom. !!!

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